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Frequently Asked Questions


Why install artificial grass?

It is low in maintenance, which will save time and money, no more mowing or watering saving electricity and water, no more worrying about the hose pipe ban, no more mud or grass clippings carried into the house and environmentally friendly reducing pollution from petrol lawn mowers and keeping the rivers cleaner from pesticides and weed killers that are washed into our drainage system. A green lawn all year round with no more weeds.

What maintenance is required?

Very little just remove debris which falls onto the grass with a leaf rake or garden broom which will also realign the fibres.

How will our pets react to artificial grass?

Any droppings are easily removed just scoop it up and wash it away. It will not stain.

Can I grow plants later on?

Yes it is easy to cut away a section of the grass using a Stanley knife to accommodate a new layout.

What holds down the artificial grass?

The infill holds down the weight of the grass but in some areas the grass will need to be pegged down using U shaped nails.

Can I install artificial grass on a slope?

Yes but take great care we recommend a slope of no more than 15% anymore and the sand infill will wash away over time in this case you will need to pin the grass.

What are the costs of artificial grass?

The cost is considerable more than natural grass from the outset but is easily recovered over the length of time it will last, and the money saved on electricity, weed killers and gardener fees not to mention saving you from all those aches and pains after cutting the grass.

Can I install my new artificial grass on top of my old lawn?

Yes if your existing lawn is already even but in most cases we recommend firstly removing the old grass and re-levelling with a good drainage base.

How long will our artificial grass last?

It really depends on what use you make of your lawn, a good estimation would be around 20 years.

What do I do when my artificial grass flattens?

Simply brush the fibres with a stiff brush and occasionally sprinkle silica sand onto the grass which helps to keep the fibres upright.

Will weeds grow on the artificial grass?

Weeds will not grow through the strong backing used for the artificial grass but can grow on the sand infill but these are easily removed when brushing through the fibres.

What happens if I need to get to the ground underneath the artificial grass?

Simply cut the grass at the joins and roll back, when you have finished simply roll it back into place and peg down.

How do I join my artificial grass?

With fibreglass tape and glue. The glue is applied to the tape which is pegged down and the edges of the grass are firmly pressed onto the tape.

Where can I apply artificial grass?

The most obvious answer is lawns and landscaping or sports surfaces but it can also be applied to.
1. Roof gardens or balconies
2. Patios
3. Childrens play areas
4. Around swimming pools (at least 1 metre away)
5. Conservatories
6. Exhibitions