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How To Care For Daffodils

Posted By Adrankone on Thursday 01st March 2018

Daffodils will be appearing soon, bringing the best artificial turf Liverpool has to offer to life.

When daffodils start appearing in February, it can be a very exciting time as you anticipate the spring ahead. Daffodils are perennial bulbs which means they will appear every year. Not only will you get some of the first glimpses of spring in your own garden if you plant daffodils, but you will benefit from it year after year as the daffodils spread across your garden.

Once the flowers start to appear you can ensure the display continues if you deadhead these as they start to fade.

Water any late flowering plants in the spring during dry spells, as this can cause the flowers to die off, or flowering may even stop.

Allow some time for the plant to complete growing after the flowering has ended. It is at this point that the plant grows and stores food in its bulbs, ready for the following years. When they start to die off you can tie the leaves back.

Once flowering has ceased and plants started to die off then make sure you check for any areas where the daffodils are getting a little overgrown. Lift up the clump with a fork and divide by hand. You can either replant whatever you remove or compost it.

Once the growing season is over be sure to add a fertiliser like bone meal to the ground to make sure the nutrients are replenished.  

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