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Why You Need To Tidy Your Front Garden If You’re Selling Up

Posted By AdRankOne on Friday 02nd March 2018

If you’re planning to move home this year your first thought might not be to do a lot of work on the property before you move on - but if you don’t you could be missing out on a higher offer from a buyer, or a sale altogether.

The Daily Mail recently highlighted some of the mistakes that homeowners make when they’re getting ready to sell up - and some of them could even knock thousands of pounds off the value of your property.

One place that you should pay particular attention to is your front garden, with kerb appeal a vital element of getting a sale.

According to interior stylist and blogger Helen Powell, having a messy entryway and unkempt front garden can see buyers mentally reducing the price they’re willing to offer you before they even step through your front door.

“Kerb appeal is key. A tired or neglected entrance can create a negative impression before a buyer has even set foot inside your home,” she explained.

Taking the time to repaint your front door and tidy up your garden is therefore worthwhile. If you struggle to keep on top of gardening, you may want to look into using artificial turf in Manchester to ensure your front lawn always looks fantastic, even in the depths of winter.

Last year, George Clarke offered some top tips on how to boost your property’s kerb appeal. They included keeping the area around your front door clutter-free, and using simple, symmetrical planters either side of the door to make it look welcoming, according to BT.  

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