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Homeowners Warned To Protect Gardens And Sheds From Thieves

Posted By AdRankOne on Thursday 17th May 2018

Homeowners might not necessarily think their shrubs and plants are at risk when they are buried in the ground, but thieves have been known to steal or vandalise people’s gardens if they are left unlocked.


In addition to this, with £550 worth of contents typically stored in garages or sheds, households should make sure their outbuildings are securely locked at all times to protect them from thefts.


According to a survey by M&S Bank, 33 per cent of shed owners have left theirs unlocked in the past and as many as 17 per cent never shut it securely.

This is despite 32 per cent saying themselves or someone they know has had their shed belongings stolen or damaged, and 14 per cent admitting they or someone they know have had their garden greenery targeted.

Head of products at M&S Bank Paul Stokes said: “As we head into spring, we would urge households to review what measures they may need to secure their garden, as well as what is included within their [insurance] policy to ensure they are covered.”


He stated that lots of Brits spend time improving their garden, whether that is by planting new crops and flowers every season, fitting artificial turf in Manchester, or investing in garden furniture so they can enjoy the sunny days outside.


Therefore, the value of items in the garden or shed “can quickly mount up”. Indeed, the average garden has £369 just in terms of plants, shrubs, trees and bushes.


For those selling their houses, it would be advantageous to make improvements to their garden. This is because GoCompareHome Insurance revealed 69 per cent of homebuyers list outdoor space as one of their must-haves when looking for their dream home.

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