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Tips On Garden Design In An Urban Environment

Posted By AdRankOne on Thursday 08th March 2018

If you live in a city in the UK, chances are that you’ve got limited outdoor space. For many of us, a small balcony or roof terrace is the only area we’ve got where we can grow plants and spend time outdoors.

So how can you make the most of this area and have a manageable outdoor space to call your own?

The Evening Standard recently highlighted the growing popularity of conifers, which can work particularly well if you’ve only got limited room. A small, rugged-looking pine can “evoke a hillside in the Med rather than a seventies suburban rockery”, the newspaper stated.

The main reason they’re great for roof terraces or balconies is because they thrive in containers and can deal with the wind. They also don’t need too much water, making them a relatively low-maintenance option as well.

According to the news provider, they also “make a welcome contrast to the hard lines of urban planning with their sculptural stems and strong, evergreen forms”.

You can either buy a mature tree, or if you’ve got the patience, buy a smaller one and shape it yourself by regularly cutting back the low branches to encourage it to grow into its crown.

Of course, this isn’t the only way to add a bit of greenery to your urban space - installing artificial grass in the north west could be a great way to ensure you have somegreenery on the ground all year round too.

In spots like balconies or roof terraces, where it’s impractical to cultivate real grass, this is the perfect solution. With more and more high-rise buildings being constructed in Manchester - such as those that are part of the Trinity Islands project that’s set to feature five residential towers - this could be something more of the city’s residents consider. 

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