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Could Artificial Grass Reduce Water Use At Your Business?

Posted By AdRankOne on Wednesday 28th March 2018

Many of us are becoming more environmentally conscious and the same goes for businesses too. If you run your own company, you may well be looking for ways in which to help the environment - and the good news is that some of the steps you can take will also save you money.

Water is one of the services we all take for granted in the UK, but that doesn’t mean we should waste it. Shout Out UK recently offered some advice on what steps businesses can take to reduce their water use.

Among them is to look at any outside areas you have. The site suggested that replacing turf with artificial grass in Liverpool could be one option, as this will remove the need for you to water your green space.

Another advantage to installing artificial grass is that you won’t need to find time to maintain it - it won’t need mowing or weeding throughout the year.

If you have other plants out there, make sure they are drought-resistant plants so that they can survive on less water.

It’s also worth looking at the taps you have on your premises, as well as any other appliances that run with water, to see if you could make them more efficient. Installing aerator taps, for example, could significantly reduce the amount of water you’re using.

Simply encouraging your staff to think more about their water use could make a difference as well. Getting them to take simple steps, such as not leaving the tap running unnecessarily and promptly reporting any leaks they find, could make more of a difference than you think.


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