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Beware Of Artificial Grass Thefts At Home!

Posted By Adrankone on Thursday 01st March 2018

There are many excellent reasons to have artificial grass in Oldham installed in your garden, whether it’s ease of maintenance and reduced water usage or limiting the amount of harmful pesticides you use in your outdoor spaces. But you do need to be a bit careful because it seems as though nefarious people out there are intent on making off with your fake grass at the moment.

Just last November, the Lancashire Evening Post reported that a homeowner in Adlington in Chorley woke up to find that half his lawn had been pinched – grass that was worth up to £1,000.

Similarly, the Daily Mail recently published a piece about a 65-year-old grandmother of six who had her front lawn taken by thieves in broad daylight, while another homeowner had a £1,300 front lawn stolen in July.

Judy Dean commented at the time: “To say I was shocked is an understatement. When I went out the front door I knew that there was something different but my brain didn't engage straight away that the lawn went. I thought ‘God! The grass is gone!’”

To protect your investment, it might be wise to have some CCTV cameras installed so you know if something does happen while you’re not there, you at least have the perpetrators on camera. This will certainly help the police in their inquiries if you do find yourself a victim of this kind of theft or, indeed, any other kind.

Installing a gravel pathway is also a good idea because then you can hear if someone approaches your house.

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