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Should You Use Smart Garden Tech?

Posted By Adrankone on Sunday 25th March 2018

If you’re not sure what a smart garden is, we’ve been told it’s not simply choosing artificial grass to save your patch from Manchester’s extremities of all-year rain and short bursts of intense heat. Of course that is the smart choice, but a smart garden actually refers to one that uses high-tech gadgets to help your backyard not just survive, but thrive too.

Clever garden gadgets have been around for a while, but with the rise of digital home assistants such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home, there’s been a big focus on the ‘internet of things’. We’re now using these assistants to control our lighting, heating as well as keeping us entertained, but does this extend to the garden?

There are a few devices which promise to make the lives of non-green fingered folks easier in the garden - but not all garden tech is created equal. According to CNET, the early promise of ‘plant sensors’, which send alerts when your plants need watered, has all but died. It turns out, it was just easier to write a reminder to water your plants from time to time.

Smart sprinklers have grown in popularity, but only for the dedicated tech and garden enthusiast. In the UK, sprinters are so rarely used to justify the expense of a complex system, however, concepts such as the Hozelock Cloud Control, which allows you to control your outdoor tap to irrigate your plants while you’re away on holiday does have some appeal.

All in all, gardening seems a frontier that’s the most un-touched by digital advances, so, if you can’t rely on your phone to imbue you with gardening skills, it might just be best to opt for some nice artificial grass that you require little to no maintenance. 

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