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Water-Saving Tips For The Garden

Posted By AdRankOne on Friday 01st June 2018

The weather this year has already been unseasonably hot, so who knows what the rest of the summer will bring - one thing we do know though is that everything - apart from your new artificialgrass - in your Manchester garden will need extra TLC in extreme heat. However, wasting water is not the answer, so try some of AnglianWater’s tips now for saving water in your garden this summer.


Install a water butt

Installing a water butt is a great way to store rainwater ready for use in your garden. Buy one from your local home improvement and DIY store and follow an online tutorial to get it set up. Make sure you’ve cleaned debris from your rainwater diverters also, so that if you do get a summer downpour, it’ll fill your water butt as much as possible.


Seal in moisture

Once you’ve weeded beds and borders, time to lock in that moisture. Use an organic material first to supply the nutrients and moisture needed, then top off with pebbles or chipping to help stop the earth drying out in sunlight. Plants that cover the ground will also help on this front.


Water wisely

Water plants in the late evening for the most effective use of water and prevent scorched leaves. Similarly, make sure you water around the base to avoid scorch, as well as making best use of water. Use a watering can, not a hosepipe or sprinkler. It’s more accurate and less wasteful.


You can pick up a water-saving pack from AnglianWater’s website

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