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Artificial Grass Installation Process

Stage 1

We perform a full garden inspection and mark out area for excavation.

Stage 2

We excavate to a depth of 75mm leaving a slight fall for water run off.

Stage 3

We apply a tanalised Timber framework fixed in place with 12inch pointed wooden pegs.

Stage 4

The area is filled with 50mm crushed rock and up to a 25mm layer of crushed dust or sand.

Stage 5

We level out and spray water over the base to keep the dust down and then compact with a vibrating whacker plate.

Stage 6

A weed membrane is applied and fixed in place to the tanalised timber using galvanized staples.

Stage 7

The grass is then laid in the same direction each time. Cutting off excess turf with a sharp knife to ensure straight edges.

Stage 8

Where needed fold back the seams of both rolls and apply jointing tape and pin down, apply glue to jointing tape with a notched trowel, place one side of grass to middle of tape then the other to match up, push the fibres together by hand or using a brush.

Stage 9

Apply sand or rubber crumb if required this acts as an anchor to hold down the grass, nail down the perimeter with 150mm galvanized nails every 400-500mm, apply the sand evenly with a drop spreader or with a shovel.

Stage 10

Brush back the grass in the opposite direction to the turf this allows the sand to infiltrate. Same procedure using rubber. Apply approx 10kg of sand per sq metre, for a softer feel use 1-3kg of rubber infill per sq metre .

Stage 11

A final Quality inspection is made and a thorough clean up completes the job.