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About Hassle Free Lawns

Looking for a lawn, free of hassle? Then contact Hassle Free Lawns!

We are a company dedicated to the supply and installation of Artificial grass, a complete guide to a maintenance free garden - no moss, no mowing, no weeds, no watering, no more backache and no more dirty footprints entering the home.


Artificial grass is child and pet friendly, soft enough to play on with its none abrasive texture and easily cleaned after your loving pets have left a deposit, to keep it hygienic simply scoop up and hose down.


Hassle Free Lawns use only top quality grass that has been UV stabilized and proven to work in some of the warmest environments, with our 3 tone effect grass look to match any garden, a combination of two shades of green to match natural grass and a tan thatched effect to replicate the dead grass found in all gardens to give our grass a very realistic look.


The use of only highly qualified installers and surveyors in the design of your garden makes Hassle Free Lawns one of the leaders in the supply and installation of Artificial grass within the UK.

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