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Roof Coating

Don't replace your roof... rejuvenate it!

Roof maintenance accounts for more than 80% of a buildings total maintenance cost, any product that will extend roof life will result in substantial savings. Hassle Free Lawns have over 25 years experience in working with home improvements. We are a North West based company providing a local, reliable & friendly service. We are here to help protect your roof from further damage caused by the elements.


U.V rays age roof's; reflective roof coatings act like mirrors reflecting the suns radiant energy back into space and also contain U.V blocking pigments which will extend the roof life by a further 15 years.


Manufacturers have a duty to ensure products are safe; this comes from the general product safety regulations act 2005. Extreme temperature tests were performed to see how the product would react and because of the elasticity the coating acts as one seamless membrane moving with the tiles, covering any cracks and preventing new cracks. Laboratory tests show the coating, if stretched will draw back to its original shape, when conditions are wet the polymers swell becoming completely water tight, when conditions are dry the pores in the roof coating open up and trapped moisture can breathe out.


Similar products on the market are watertight all the time and in these cases moisture will work its way up becoming trapped under the coating when the moisture heats up it turns to water vapour expanding many times, causing blistering and destroying adhesion.

Colours Available:

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Roof FAQ's:

Why Do I Require A Roof Coating?

Your roof is one of the most important parts of your home, roofs with concrete tiles over the age of 20 years are particularly recommended for treatment wherever they show typical signs of wear and tear, moss growth or are generally dull in appearance. Roof coatings provide a number of benefits, firstly as part of the work we will repair the fundamental issues on your roof such as displaced or cracked tiles, chipped pointing, moss and algae growth and repair lead work, roof coatings restore the look of a new roof, provide significant protection due to the waterproofing properties and depend on which coating you choose can also provide U.V protection and thermal insulation benefits which reduce heat loss.

Why Not Just Re-Tile My Roof?

When new concrete roof tiles are installed, degradation of colour occurs as soon as the tiles are laid. New roof tiles are more granular and less protected than a tile with a specialist high quality roof coating. An acrylic based roof coating also offers high protection for your roof with added UV colour protection, waterproofing and thermal insulation, you get much more value for money and satisfaction versus the tradition method of re-tiling. If you consider that roof coating is far more cost effective and less distruptive during installation it makes sense to restore rather than replace.

How Much Does A Roof Coating Cost?

Firstly much less than a new roof. Your quoted price will depend on a number of factors i.e pitch of roof, size of roof, ease of access and overall condition, based on this it is required for a detailed assessment of your roof to be carried out. Once a roof survey is carried out then we will issue you with a written quotation. The good news is that a roof survey is completely free, quick, no hassle and there's no obligation.

Which Type Of Roof Tile Can Be Coated?

Concrete are the main types. Marley, Redland and any other concrete roof tile. Clay and sandstone roof tiles can also be coated due to the superior adhesion strength of our acrylic roof coating systems.

How Long Will It Take To Restore My Roof?

Typically the duration of an average roof restoration is 2-3 days of minimal distruption. The timing can depend on a number of factors such as adverse weather conditions, temperatures and moisture levels which are all taken into account prior to the application of our roof coating system.